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What Would a 10%-20% Reduction in Fuel and 20%-40% Fewer Repairs Mean For Your Company?


"in excess of 15% savings on fuel and you can see the engines are burning cleaner"
- Gary G. - CEO

"opacity emissions reduction of 49.21%"
- Manuel R. - Director of
"18.77% fuel reduction from the controlled field test"

- Bob M. - Fleet Manager

"The evidence for fuel consumption reduction is overwhelming"
- Richard A. - SAE International  Book Author
"17% increase in fuel economy"

- Chris B. - Co-Owner

"50% to 100% more miles without major repairs"

- Dan F. - Chief Mechanic
Modern problems require modern solutions.  The TK7 Products nanotechnology is a different technology with better results. 

Lab tested and field proven, TK7 Products provides solutions that help clients achieve amazing results.
Andy Hedrick is an Industrial Engineer and is the co-founder of TK7 Products. He has led international projects with major corporations in Asia, Europe and North America.  He has been published in numerous industry magazines covering topics related to supply chain engineering and how to achieve better profit margins. 
Doug Switzer is a successful business owner and is the co-founder of TK7 Products.  Prior to TK7 Products, Doug also launched successful businesses in real estate and in the oil and gas sector.  Doug began his career in medical technology.  Since 1994, he has provided solutions that help clients generate more profits. 
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