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Financing Available
Financing is available for the TK7 Products fuel nanotechnology and the automated dosing system. Contact us for details.
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What TK7 Products Clients Say:

"in excess of 15% savings on fuel and you can see the engines are burning cleaner"
- Gary G. - CEO
"I have seen a 17.5% fuel economy improvement"
- Rob B. - Owner Operator
"50% to 100% more miles without major repairs"
- Dan F. - Chief Mechanic
"The evidence for fuel consumption reduction is overwhelming."
- Richard A. - SAE International Book Author
"18.77% fuel reduction from the controlled field test"
- Bob M. - Fleet Manager
"making better time underway; no smoke; cleaner air for crew"
- Jeff O. - Captain
"opacity emissions reduction of 49.21%"
- Manuel R. - Director of Distribution
Automated Fuel Dosing System Overview
The patented fuel dosing system comes in two sizes and treats 6,000 gallons of fuel or 12,000 gallons of fuel before needing to be refilled.

The system is siphon proof, all stainless steel, and we provide a 5-year unlimited warranty.  The system connects to the ELD and automatically doses the fuel for a truck driver.
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One-Of-A-Kind Nanotechnology with One-Of-A-Kind Results
Much like Amazon changed the retail industry and Airbnb changed the recreational travel industry, TK7 Products nanotechnology has paved a new way for superior engine performance.
Modern problems require modern solutions.  The TK7 Products nanotechnology is a different technology with better results. 
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