"How To Reduce Fuel by 10-20% and Reduce Emissions by 20-80%"
Reduce Costs, Reduce Carbon Footprint, Eliminate Fuel and Emissions System Repairs, and Improve Revenue Per Asset
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"in excess of 15% savings on fuel and you can see the engines are burning cleaner" - Gary G. - CEO

"18.77% fuel reduction from the controlled field test" - Bob M. - Fleet Manager

"50% to 100% more miles without major repairs" - Dan F. - Chief Mechanic

"making better time underway; no smoke; cleaner air for crew" - Jeff O. - Captain

"increases the horsepower per stroke as much as 15% and reduces the emissions up to 80%" - Kashmere and Clarke Facilities - Houston Texas Bus Authority

"opacity emissions reduction of 49.21%" - Manuel R. - Director of Distribution

"should be blended into premium fuel and marketed as a top tier product." - Richard A. - SAE International Book Author 

About the Author

Andy Hedrick has been published in numerous industry magazines covering topics related to supply chain engineering and improving profit margins.  He has led international projects with major corporations in Asia, Europe and North America.  Andy received his Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1996 and has worked in technology deployments around the world since that time.  He is the co-founder of TK7 Products.
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Learn about our patented dosing systems that automate fuel treatments and provide alerts for the TK7 fuel nanotechnology remaining before next refill.

Available in sizes that treat from 6,000 gallons to 12,000 gallons of fuel.  This system allows a company to control their inventory and automatically dose the fuel without any need for pouring. 

The system is siphon proof, all-stainless steel and has a 5-year unlimited warranty.